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Updates from 2014:
Bruce and Leanne Wydick recently returned from a visit to Panyebar. They are working on a video to show the work at Colegio Bethel more clearly, but have a couple of quick updates in the meantime:

First, bad news: A recent earthquake has rendered Colegio Bethel's founding church in San Pedro la Laguna unusable, and civil engineers confirm initial reports that the building will have to be razed and rebuilt. This is an unexpected and devastating blow for the church and the long-term solution to this event will take time to unfold.

A little helpful news: The top floor of the school is finished, and can be rented to the congregation for its services until they have a new building or find other accommodations in San Pedro. This will provide a little extra income for the school and make it possible for the church to continue services uninterrupted.

Bruce reports that the school's staff and students are extremely grateful for the support they receive and that they are doing well.

Upcoming events: In September, several supporting families will be hosting informational events to share the video and their own experiences in Panyebar within their communities. These events will be held in a number of cities and hopefully will expand our extended family of supporters and enable Colegio Bethel Panyebar to continue to build future leaders of Guatemala.

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