Saludos Ninos Updates (10/2023)

This past summer the MP team visited Panyebar and one area of attention was Saludos Ninos. They have added a new Early Childhood Learning Center, with resources to help the children from the village who stay at Saludos Ninos during the day while the parents are working. 

The costs for the Learning Center are as follows:

  • $620 - 4 salaries (3 teachers, 1 cook) (Q4840)
  • $115 - 1 part time salary administrator (Q900)
  • $57 - rent
  • $1000 - food for students/staff - 5 days per week including healthy snacks, breakfast and lunch

This totals out to about $1800/month. 

 In addition, other annual costs include:

  • $1100/year - water filters for student families (would love to increase this to include replacement filters for families who are no longer attending as their kids have "graduated")
  • $2000-5000 /year - other costs which aren't consistent: health clinics, maintenance and repair, teacher training, event-specific costs

All of these costs add up to about $25,000/year in support of the children of Saludos Ninos, and funded through the donations to Mayan Partners. 

The children having a parade in Panyebar

Water Quality is an issue in Panyebar. Here families are receiving water filters to help reduce problems with water-borne illnesses. 

Volunteers planning Saludos Ninos curriculum

One of the children in the Parade. 

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